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Leila Makki talks to Nokia

Cosy chat with Nokia’s Doug Dawson Advertisements

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How to wipe a Nokia clean

Passwords & F-Secure’s software If, like me, you’ve recently had cause to return a Nokia handset, how do you remove every last vestige of your personal data. Well, I have two methods which might work. One manual and one remotely … Continue reading

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Nokia’s 2323 is still the best mobile phone, UK public says

All of this Touch GUI stuff is too complex by Hans Cett (@hanscett) What a surprise! According to user ratings gathered by Reevoo, the humble Nokia 2323 Classic is the best mobile handset money can buy. It beat off the … Continue reading

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New developer initiative from Wapple

Aim to produce “an army of mobile web experts” Having recently acquired a new CEO – Simon Lavers, Wapple has launched a new programme aimed at developers which it says will create “an army of mobile web experts.” The company … Continue reading

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Just another blog from L.A.

Actually, I’m not in Los Angeles at all but Zappa fans will get the reference. Anyway, as it has become obvious I need an outlet for my musings on the mobile phone scene, I’ve kickstarted a WordPress blog here reading

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Auto gamification from Upstream

The buzzword ‘gamification’ has only sprung up recently. It refers to the practice of grafting gaming techniques onto mobile marketing campaigns. In truth, this practice is nothing new – as Guy Krief, vp for innovation with Upstream, admitted to Tonethefone. What is new is that his company has managed to automate the process by creating an intelligent gamification ‘engine’ which works in real time. The result is that a mobile campaign can respond dynamically to fit potential rewards to a user’s profile. Naturally, Upstream claims dramatic improvements in responses from participants for its clients – who are mostly mobile network operators. Continue reading

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