Nokia’s 2323 is still the best mobile phone, UK public says

All of this Touch GUI stuff is too complex
by Hans Cett (@hanscett)

What a surprise! According to user ratings gathered by Reevoo, the humble Nokia 2323 Classic is the best mobile handset money can buy. It beat off the likes of the Apple iPhone 4; HTC’s Desire HD; RIM’s BlackBerry Curve 8900; and Samsung’s Galaxy S. Only verified purchasers of a given product are able to leave a Reevoo review – thus eliminating the problems of ‘fake’ reviews and ensuring the validity of Reevoo’s statistics, the company claims.Actually, it could be that we are a nation of cheapskates because the Nokia 2323 (available since 2008) these days sells for as little as £40 – and that’s SIM-free.

“People may think they want the latest phone, but those who eschew the shiny new gadgets and go for a basic model seem much more satisfied with their purchase – and its value for money,” commented Reevoo’s CEO, Richard Anson.

Over the last year, the 2323 received an average overall Reevoo rating from users of 9.0. That compares to 8.9 for the HTC Desire; 8.6 for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, and 8.5 for the Apple iPhone 4.

“Despite the boom in smartphones and the penetration of mobiles in general, mobiles are consistently one of the lowest-rated product type by Reevoo reviewers,” Anson added.

“The average mobile handset review score is just 8.1 compared to an average of score of 8.5 across all products.”

Frankly we are amazed at the high rating for the Curve 8900. Just like our Curve 8520, it doesn’t even support 3G. Describing it as a ‘smartphone’ in 2011 must surely break the Trades Description Act?

Reevoo claims to be Europe’s largest social commerce company. Mobile phones are just one of the 19 categories in which Reevoo has calculated the overall best-rated products and the best value-for-money products.

For the full list of best-rated products in all categories, go here.


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