New developer initiative from Wapple

Aim to produce “an army of mobile web experts”

Having recently acquired a new CEO – Simon Lavers, Wapple has launched a new programme aimed at developers which it says will create “an army of mobile web experts.” The company says it can provide mobile software developers with all the tools necessary to mobilise millions of existing businesses. The cost of joining this programme starts from free and works up to around £3,200 per annum. More details here.Wapple (which plays down the WAP bit in its name these days) claims to have spotted the mobile Internet’s potential “long before Google, Microsoft and Apple made massive plays into mobile,” according to Anne Thomas, Wapple co-founder.

“We predicted a time when every business would have to be ready for this entirely new media,” Thomas added.

Wapple backs this up with some interesting stats. [Can we spot the hand of well-known mobile industry figure, Monty Munford in here somewhere? Ed.]

Anyway, more than 85 per cent of the world’s handsets are now able to access the mobile web. Hence companies and brands are already seeing up to 10 per cent of their web traffic coming from mobile devices.

So if you want to join in the fun and hopefully make a few bucks in the process, you’d better surf your way over to Wapple’s developer pages here.


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